CFP #01 “Meet Me in the Meet-Me-Room”



CFP #01 “Meet Me in the Meet-Me-Room” (2013.01) [1:01:45]

There’s no time to explain, just press “play”.


1. Yahel “Ocean” (Beat Hackers remix)
2. Witchcraft “Witchcraft Magic”
3. Sirius Isness “Oxygenation”
4. Opium Of The Masses “Pascal”
5. Beat Hackers “Smoke and the Water”
6. Ianuaria “Fabric of space”
7. 1200 Micrograms “God of Rock”
8. Perplex “Dance In”
9. GMS “I’m On Mars” (The Antidote remix)

Compiled and mixed by Master 5h00
Artwork by fud0